Have you tried to forcefully turn it off (by pressing the on/off button for five seconds)?

Does the unit turn back on after you turn it off? If so, try turning it off without any pressure applied to the sensor?

Steps to reset your sensor

1. If no pressure is applied and the device still turns on, please reset the device baseline in the ‘Sensors’ tab of the Kinvent Physio application, then register your device, click on it, reset it.

2. Wait for the confirmation message at the bottom of the screen and it’s done !

If this did not work, you may have a damaged sensor that is giving the device incorrect data, please contact your Customer Service via the details below.


If despite these steps, the problem persists, we invite you to contact your Kinvent Customer Service :

  • use the “support” button located within the APP
  • by emailing : support@k-invent.com

Our Customer Service team will be happy to assist you !