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We want you to make the most out of our connected physiotherapy technology, so we created this simple guide to help you get started.

Kinvent Start

In the following videos, Jared will guide you through the 7 onboarding steps to get comfortable with your new Kinvent Physio solution. Take time to look at them closely, follow the steps one by one, with your Kinvent Physio app and sensors ready to use.

Those videos are from an onboarding webinar ran with Jared, cut in short videos.

Step 1: Install and setup Kinvent Physio (7 minutes)

In this video: 

  • Kinvent Physio on the app stores 
  • Overview of the homepage 
  • Account settings 
  • Security and privacy settings 

Open your PC, Mac or tablet, open Kinvent Physio app and follow the steps to start setting up your app.

Step 2: Sensors registration and calibration (6 minutes)

In this video: 

  • Sensor registration 
  • Calibration and recalibration 
  • Checking the sensor’s battery level 
  • Charging a sensor 

For this video, make sure you have your Kinvent sensors close to you to register them in your app.

Step 3: Create a patient profile (6 minutes)

In this video: 

  • Adding a participant 
  • Mandatory and optional information 
  • Data protection 
  • Objectives 
  • Identification of the medical issue 

For this step, choose a first patient to create in the app during the video.

Step 4: First assessment (20 minutes)

In this video: 

  • Overview of pre-recorded protocols 
  • Creating a customized protocol 
  • Searching for a test 
  • Performing a test 
  • Presentation of the results 

For this step, make sure you have a charged sensor close to you to perform a first assessment. Open your patient file, click on “assessment” and follow Jared’s instructions.

Step 5: Training with Kinvent (2 minutes)

In this video:

  • Training with Kinvent games

Step 6: Sensor range (7 minutes)

In this video:

  • Utility of each sensor 
  • Features overview

Step 7: Resources (3 minutes)

In this video:

  • Instructions for each exercise 
  • Test Bank K-PEDIA 
  • E-Book

Congratulations! You have now finished the Kinvent Start onboarding.

Now, use Kinvent daily, and come back as often as necessary on this Quickstart platform.



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