Did you know the sampling frequency can be changed in the settings ?

Check the following steps to learn more !

Changing the sampling rate in data collection affects how frequently data points are recorded or measured.
-> Higher Sampling Rate: Increasing the sampling rate means collecting data more frequently. This can capture fast changes in the signal but may generate larger volumes of data.
-> Lower Sampling Rate: Reducing the sampling rate means collecting data less frequently. This can save processing resources but may miss rapid changes in the signal. The choice of sampling rate depends on the specific requirements of your data collection task, such as the signal’s characteristics.

Here are the steps to follow :

1. Go to ‘Account
2. Click on ‘Settings
3. Choose the sampling rate in ‘Acquisition Frequency Settings‘ section
– Acquisition Frequency for Ballistic Assessments concerns Jump assessment on Deltas
– Acquisition Frequency for Stance, Training, Dynamometers and IMU concerns the others