Library Button

We created a new tab called Library in which professionals can consult files and information. This new section includes three subsections called K-Pedia, Test Bank, Bookshelf, K-Start, Tutorials and Help Center.

1. K-Pedia

Give access to explanations about the metrics in the reports. You can search for metrics or filter with the category / assessment.

2. Test Bank

You can check your tests, ID cards… without going in a patient’s profile first.

This was asked by the user for them to be able to check the assessments that are available and prepare their sessions, have informations…

3. Book shelf

You can find E-books made by Kinvent (have a look at the CMJ ebook which is very helpful for people to understand everything about CMJ).

You can also find all the publication made with Kinvent tools.

4. K-Start

On this site, you’ll find all the resources you need to get started with your new Kinvent sensors. Follow the step-by-step instructions to get started quickly!

5. Tutorials

In this series of tutorials, discover Kinvent sensors in real-life situations: installation of sensor and patient, test protocol, test performance, assessment… each step is detailed and all in 3 minutes.

6. Help Center

Here you’ll find themed articles about your Kinvent Physio application, help with configuration, setting up activities or training sessions, and use cases.