Your K-Sensor has a multicolor LED, which displays a different color depending on the battery status.

Multicolored LEDs

Simply press the button once to display the battery level with red, yellow, or green lights depending on the charge level. The white LED indicates the end of charging and that the battery is charged. The device turns off if the battery level is below 1%.

Green LED

When the device is connected via USB, the device turns on (LED flashes GREEN) and
starts charging the internal battery.

The device can be turned on by plugging in the USB cable or by pressing the
orange button. The LED flashes GREEN.

Orange LED

The device will turn off after 10 minutes if it is not connected to the application.
the application. The battery will continue to charge, which is indicated by the flashing
flashing ORANGE light.

Blue LED

When the Bluetooth connection is successful, the LED flashes BLUE.


If the battery is low, a RED light will flash three times every 5 seconds.
The wireless range may be affected if the unit is operating in this condition.